Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life is Chaotic

Well, yes this blog is definitely late. But that is because I have had my life on a never ending wheel of continuum. I thought I would have more time to do a blog every weekend but it is definitely harder than i thought so I will probably for the rest of my time do a biweekly blog.

I had my very first debate tournament of the semester a couple weekends ago. I had my first debate class and decided to throw myself into the mix by signing up for the debate tournament that coming weekend. Yes, I knew if I attended the tournament I would be drowning. That first Tuesday was the first day I learned how to even simply organize a speech for the Government team. Plus how to run advantages and disadvantages. If you have done debate or speech, you know what I am talking about, if would take too long to explain. ;) Anyway, even without the knowledge and experience I decided...I have to start somewhere. So I asked the Forensics director what it would be like if i attended this tournament.
She said: You'll probably look like a fool, learn a little bit, and maybe win a round.
My response: Awesome, let's do it.

The Experience: Chaotic, terrifying, exciting, different. These are a simple explanation of how it was. ;)

However, I am glad I joined the team because it has been quite an enjoyable experience. I have had two tournaments so far and there are more coming up. My partner and I will also both be attending Nationals. I have no idea what that looks like yet but am excited to find out.

My classes are interesting and WAY harder this semester but I like most of them.

Weight Training is SO difficult. I never realized how pathetic and out of shape I have become. Plus the fact I NEVER every workout in a gym. I am glad I took it though because I think 20 years old is probably a good time to learn what everything is in a gym. Literally I walk into a gym and it's like a whole other planet with aliens on it and I am supposed to connect with them yet have NO idea how. However, this semester I am going to learn. I am slowly. I can do 10 pushups again. That's something I guess. haha. It's nice because the class is not very long so I can do a little bit of yoga afterwards to warm myself down and just have a peaceful ending to a nice workout.

Philosophy is insane and SUPER hard to stay on top of and comprehend everything that is happening while going at a quick pace. Lots of reading but loving the challenge of trying to understand and work through the philosophies. It's surprising when interacting with the other students in the class. To notice and learn all the different thought processes and point of views. I like it alot. It's such an interesting subject.

Sociology is different. I cannot decide if i like the teacher yet. And tests have been super difficult so far because all we do in class is sit in a circle and talk about the readings. So it's hard to take notes and also know what to study for the tests. But the class is really interesting. I feel like there is some tension because there is a very diverse class. But I LOVE learning all the different views from different culture about society, and social systems and structures. It's an interesting class. I like it. I took my first test on Monday so we'll see how I'm doing so far.

Intro to Lit is by far my least favorite class. The teacher is ridiculously boring and we do the same thing every class and he is monotonous in his teaching and his verbal interactions and its driving me insane. I am trying so hard to just enjoy the reading of the stories and poems we have and learn that way because I am learning absolutely nothing from this teacher. Just been trying to tell myself to keep an open heart and mind to learn something new each class. I'm quite sad I haven't had a good english teacher yet at this school. Not this semester or last.

Health probably is my favorite class and not only because it's easy but our teacher is awesome. He is the head football coach here and he is so interesting. Always has our attention and always is encouraging us in life and choices and succeeding in life. I remember the thing that stuck out the most to me is that the first day he said "You all are going to get an A in my class." And i thought wow he must be very easy but then he continued on to say that he WANTS us to succeed in this class and that is why we will do well. He is not going set us up for failure. He is going to lead us in the direction of success. That mentality in a teacher is SO encouraging. It gives me more of a desire to want to do well in his class.

Debate is quite an interesting class. We are reading a great book called Escape from Reason by Francis A. Schaeffer. It is quite a difficult read but quite an invigorating mental challenge. The class is awesome also. We have had two practice rounds in class which was difficult but fun. :) I enjoy Annie's teaching very much and reading the book with Mrs Amy Jung is also very enjoyable. Debate at this school is quite interesting. If you join the team you are joining a family. Our two debate coaches are Annie and Joey and they are such a blessing and so much fun to work with. So if you haven't guessed, they are mama and papa of this little debate family. :)

So far in life on campus my goal is trying to hold myself together and REALLY focus on TIME MANAGEMENT. I'll talk more about that in my next blog though.

This is all for this post. However, I will most likely be posting another one today about this week specifically. :)

Enjoy this rad day!

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