Monday, March 12, 2012

Final Cut - APU

Final Cut was amazing and super fun. Oh...let me rewind. I auditioned with about 40+ other people for this APU vocal competition and I made the cut for the final 12 contestants. Eleven other people and I performed one of our audition songs for this competition. It was incredible. EVERYONE WAS SO TALENTED! The variety of style and vocals was beautiful and unique. I enjoyed it immensely. I did not win which obviously made sense since I was one of the most untrained and inexperienced performers there. But it was such an amazing opportunity. I forgot how much i love performing. I also would love to give a huge thank you to all who came to support me. Oh and also those people who encouraged me when I felt like giving up or just when I was freaking out from nerves. ;) If you were not able to attend and would like to watch a video i'll post it below.

I will post more about my life later but this was definitely the highlight of my week last week. 

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